Pink Shovel Landscaping - Did not bring plants, wrong plants and overcharged

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Pink Shovel Landscaping in Ft Lauderdale should not be allowed to be in business.I had a contract for a design and installation of a landscape. Not only did this company not bring the plants that was on the contract, they brought the wrong size and then overcharged and would not return money or phone calls.They also did not bring enough mulch to handle weeds which is ironic as they propose to be green landscaping and to not use fertilizers or any chemicals and the only way to accomplish this is to mulch.I now have a yard full of weeds and paid over 4,000 for this job

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I had a similar issue with her.She over planted my garden, and about a 1/3 of them were planted in places where they were not appropriate.

Several died within 2 weeks because they received too much sun and when I contacted her she said she was out of town and didn't know when she'd be back. Also, she told me how big some of the plants would get and they have far exceeded her description.

We've taken over half of them out because they were taking over.She is awful!!!

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